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Everyone is no stranger to oil. We know that oil exists underground. If we want oil, we must use engineering equipment to extract it. So there are oil drilling rigs, and then oil and gas wells are formed. Then everyone knows, how many meters of oil is underground place? Tungsten Carbide Composite Rods

Oil is mainly distributed in the cracks in the rock layer. Because there is no fixed place, it is very likely that it is distributed throughout the crust. In the early days, oil was mainly found at a depth of less than 3,500 meters, and it was distributed after 3,500 meters. There are relatively few. With the upgrading of technology, it is gradually discovered that there is a lot of oil on the ground of several kilometers.

So if we want to extract oil(KoneCarbide has been offering tungsten carbide solutions for customers in the oil and gas industries for years. Click here for more details.), don't our oil drilling tools have to penetrate a few kilometers?

Oil drilling requires the use of tools to drill a hole from the ground, and this hole is not drilled casually. We will first conduct exploration. Oil exploration is to make sufficient preparations and use advanced equipment to explore the geological conditions. Evaluate the oil storage, oil and gas migration, preservation and other conditions encountered in oil exploitation.

After confirming that this is an area where oil and gas accumulate, the approximate size of the oil and gas field, how many reserves there will be, and so on, the oil and gas field can be exploited later, and whether it is exploration or development, systematic engineering is required.

First of all, it is necessary to use equipment and professional technology to drill a hole in the ground from the ground along the pre-planned track. You can see that the drilling tool is a thick steel pipe. After drilling, it will Leaves a deep cylindrical eyelet.

This is the process of drilling, and it is a very important existence. Whether it is exploration or development, it has its presence. There is a saying that goes well, "If the drill bit does not reach, the oil and gas will not come out." As we said earlier, the general oil It is a place that exists thousands of meters, so should our drilling tools also have thousands of meters? PDC Inserts

Generally, percussion drilling, rotary drilling and rotary percussion drilling are used for drilling. Among them, the oil drilling rig is one of the main forces. When drilling, it can drive the drilling tool to break the rock, attack underground, and then drill out to a specified depth.

If the percussion drilling method is used, the drill bit is used to impact the bottom of the well, and then the rock is broken, and the drill pipe and drill string are used to form up and down movements, and repeated impacts are performed, and a well hole is formed slowly.

However, such equipment is simple. , but it is already relatively outdated equipment, and the drilling speed is also relatively slow. It is incompetent for relatively deep wells and high-pressure oil and gas wells, so it is rarely used now.

The rotary drilling method is to drill through the continuous rotation of the drill bit. While rotating, the gravity of a section of the drill string on the upper part of the drill bit will apply drilling pressure to the drill bit, so that the rock can be cut and crushed.

Compared with the percussion drilling method, this method is more advanced. It not only increases the efficiency, but also can adapt to various downhole formations. Therefore, it has become the most common drilling method and the most widely used.

The rotary percussion drilling method is somewhat like the combination of percussion and rotary drilling methods. An impactor is added on the basis of the rotary drilling rig, which can break rocks under the combined action of impact dynamic load and rotation, but it is mainly used in drilling. Hard rock and deep formations are primarily a complement to rotary drilling methods.

Since rotary drilling is the most commonly used method, let's focus on it. Carbide Bushings

Oil drilling rigs are generally composed of 8 major systems, such as hoisting system, rotating system, drilling fluid circulation system, transmission system, etc. These systems are very high-tech.

From the above-mentioned "the drill bit does not reach, the oil and gas do not come out", we can know that only when the oil is drilled can we start mining. It can be seen that the drill bits of our drilling rig equipment can drill thousands of meters underground, so that we can For mining, how many meters can our drilling rig equipment go deep into the ground?

In fact, China is the first country in the world to carry out oil drilling(PDC Inserts for Drilling). During the time of Emperor Xuan of the Western Han Dynasty, salt wells were dug and natural gas was discovered. In modern times, in 2005, my country developed a 9,000-meter ultra-deep oil drilling rig. By 2007 In 1999, China developed the world's most advanced 12,000-meter deep well oil drilling rig, which was mainly used for the exploration and development of the 8,875-meter-deep exploration well in the Puguang Gas Field at that time.

It has been more than 10 years since 2007, so where is the deepest oil and gas well drilled in China? How deep is it?

The Tarim Oilfield has drilled the deepest oil well record on land in Asia, which is 8,882 meters, so the 12,000-meter ultra-deep oil drilling rig we developed is obviously enough. What's more, in recent years, for oil development and discovery of new resources, The country has also been making efforts, so drilling tools will become more and more advanced.

At this time, do you think it is amazing that the seemingly ordinary drilling pipe can penetrate so deep into the ground?

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